Thursday, 12 January 2017

My life during the last 3 months

Student Noemi Cortes 2DB
Title My life during the last 3 months
Type here Im going to talk you about my life during the last 3 months...
On september 7th the `Feria`started.My friends,family and I have a lot of fun!But then...we started highschool.

On october I had my aunt`s wedding and also exams started.

On november I went to Alcazar De San Juan with my family and I stayed several days with my cousin in their feria.

And finalyyyyy on december we had last exams and on the 22th Christmas holidays started!!!




Monday, 9 January 2017

my life during the last 3 months

Student rocio gregorio 2DB
Title my life during the last 3 months
Type here

My Life During The Last 3 Months

I am goig to summarise my life during the last 3-4 months, keep reading if you want to know more...

On September the 7th "la feria" start.

"La feria" is a famous fair here, in Albacete.

There are a lot of craft stalls to buy presents or things for you, what you want...

And there are also many more stalls where you can buy: watches, bracelets, necklaces, toys, also typical food, drinks... You can also have fun in the attractions, the most famous one is the ferris wheel.

Not only people from Albacete go to the fais, so many people from other cities come to this famous fair to enjoy it like Albacete´s people do. This fair ends on September the 17th.

On Septhember the 16th I start the classes in my high school, i have started 2nd of ESO, I have met meny new students in my class and also new teachers.

On November we start having more and more exams and proyects till the 22nd of December, the day that we started our chistmas holidays till we came back to school on January the 9th, 2017.




My life during this 3 months.

Student Gema Sánchez 2ºDB
Title My life during this 3 months.
Type here This last three months in my life were really good.

In September is La Feria here in Albacete, so I went out with friends. I had fun moments, taking photos, going down 
roaller coasters and eating, a lot!! 
I met new teachers on High School like José or Manuel.

October was good too. I went to Villarobledo to swimming competitions. I also had exams, some of them were really good! 
I also learnt a new game called Dashball, it's similar to a game here called Partidos quemados. It was really cool and you 
have to play in a team, so I really like it. 

November was a month to work. I had to study and prepare lots of exams, and I reeckon I did the best I could.

December was one of my favourite months. Maybe because of Christmas. I like watching the Christmas trees and all the lights. 
I also went to Madrid. It was perfect because it was sunny and the Sun was shinning in the sky. Thanks god High School finished,
 the problems is that  we only have a few days of Holidays. 



Sunday, 8 January 2017

My first term

Student Daniela Delegido 2DB
Title My first term
Type here

  My first term

People told
me that second of eso would be more difficult. But in my view they exaggerate.

I don't say
that maybe is a litle more difficult but no so much.You
  meet new friends, new teachers and also new

I made a
trip to the rink, but that isn't
new becouse last year we also made it.

with the exams I think i made more exams than in first of eso.

I learned
lot of thinghs and lot of experiences too.I am proud of what I had do last term
and I would try to improve.



My Life In This Three Months

Student Marta de Haro Corredor 2ºDB
Title My Life In This Three Months
Type here

Do you want to know some of
my experiences about this last three monts?

First I am going to talk
about "La Feria".

People around
all the world come to Albacete to spend a few days in this enjoyable
event, so this days Albacete it's a crowded place. This year I went
to "La Feria" almost every day, as I live very near, I could
arrive on foot.

I usually went
with friends. We meet very early to see the heifers and then we ride
attractions, and have lunch all together.

The seventeen
of september the classes started, I was so excited to see again all
my classmates.

This year, I
have a lot of new teachers, well, half of them taught me on 1º ESO.

In general I'm
very satisfied with them, in fact I am learning a lot at the moment.

The first weeks
of december were so hard, we had all the final exams, we had to be
very focused and work a lot to get good marks. It was worth it
because christmas holidays were close.

As you can see,
this three months have been very intense for me.




Student marta herraez 2DB
Type here I am going to talk about these last four months.
This was my favourite month,because is was the fair. I had a lot of fun because i was mainly at the fair. September was cool because of the fair but 
we started a new school the beginning was easy because we didn't had exams.
this month its was cool because it was Halloween but on this day I went to Valencia. on this month we started to have some exams.
This month was difficult because we started the hard exams. also I went twice to Valencia  because my aunt was bad of the back.
this was the most difficult month of all we had the last exams .in this month i travelled to Valencia like five or six times . The last  week of school I travelled to Valencia for an emergency . I couldn't go to school.also I haven't got my marks and I haven't got my marks yet and still don't know my results  



My life from September to December.

Student Laura López 2ºCB
Title My life from September to December.
Type here Hello! I'm going to tell you my life on the first trimester of High School. 

On September, the fair of Albacete started. I went to the fair all days with my friends because I love it. I had so much fun! 
But, on September, High School also started :/

October was a normal month for me. I didn't had a lot of exams. On 31st October, I celebrated Halloween with 
my friends. It was a great day!

On November exams started. I had to study a lot. It was a boring month!

The last month of the first trimester of High School. I also had a lot of exams. Plus, holidays started! On 22 December, I finally had my marks. They weren't bad. I celebrated Christmas and New Year with my family. In my opinion, it was the best month!